I’m certain I just aged myself with this title which I reference from the 1984 Wendy’s commercial. The point I think Wendy’s was trying to make is that they had the product that people were searching for. We have a product that campers, staff and parents have been searching for since summer 2020.

Our brains have been on overload for the past year keeping our camps afloat, and planning for as many 2021 COVID safety protocols as possible. I’m getting ready to state the obvious, but…Camp is supposed to be safe AND fun. As you put final plans in place for this spring and summer, prioritize the “fun factor”. Ask yourself, what does fun look like during staff training, or staff time-off, or between now and when staff begin their contract? Ask yourself, what does fun look like for campers on opening day, or during meals, or before their session begins? Our camp families will take cues from us and even though creating the safest COVID-free bubble possible is a priority, refocusing on how we deliver fun is also a top priority. 

There is so much enthusiasm for camp, and like you, we are in the final stages of crossing our Ts and dotting our Is for all of our planning. Get those protocols set…and then…double down…Where’s The Fun?

Sallie Ransom

VP of Camping Services

YMCA of the Triangle – Sea Gull, Seafarer and Kanata