Welcome NCYCA Board members!

We are pleased to announce the 2016 NCYCA BOARD Slate.

  • Board Chair – Denice Dunn (Camp Merrie-Woode)
  • Vice Chair – Michaux Crocker (Camp Cheerio)
  • Secretary – Grant Bullard (Gwynn Valley Camp)
  • Treasurer –  Don Gentle (Camp High Rocks)
  • Henry DeHart (YMCA Triangle)
  • Karl Alexander (Camp Highlander)
  • Garrett Graham (Camp Ton-A-Wandah)
  • Jim Miller (Camp Greystone)
  • Paige Lester-Niles (Eagle’s Nest Camp)
  • Yates Pharr (Falling Creek Camp)

We are looking for committee members for the following committees: Legislative Affairs; Communications; Program and Membership.  Please contact Sandi at sandi@nccamps.org for more information.

Sandi Boyer
Sandi Boyer
Sandi is NCYCA's executive director.