Camp instills values in its campers. From independence, accountability, curiosity, and community, these values are woven into everyday camp operations and programs. Over this past year, changes in the camp industry are taking place: from restructuring fulltime staff, to rethinking programs, to overhauling staff recruitment. Importantly, these changes to the deeply traditional camp industry have never been more rapid and purposeful. With this in mind, as we dive into this chaotic summer season, I challenge us to keep two values in mind: teamwork and grace

Most camp teams already depend on one another to operate a successful season. This summer, we will not only need to depend on each other to help complete the increasingly complex operational tasks of camp, but we will need to rely on each other for motivational support. Teamwork in all capacities will be essential. Secondly, with fundamental changes to the daily operations of camp, mistakes will be made. Not only is this an opportunity to model grace for seasonal staff, but allows us to practice grace or patience with ourselves and others.  

While all summers are challenging, this summer might be our most challenging season, yet. In the golden moments and the not so golden moments keep teamwork and grace in mind. Together, we will power through to provide one of the most meaningful summer experiences youth desperately need. 

Maggie Lewicki 

Camp Ton-A-Wandah