Earlier this season, I asked how we can better provide camp frontline staff with relaxing and rejuvenating off-time. Approximately 75% of the camps responding to this survey are over-night with 65% of the camps offering at least an 8-week summer program for their staff.

Below I have summarized my findings from this survey. 

  1. 65% of camps are providing staff with at least one 24+ hour block of time off per session. 
  2. Just over half of camps are happy with the off-time schedule they are providing their staff.
  3. Approximately 40% of camps are wanting to provide longer off-times for staff more frequently.
  4. Several campers are hoping to not necessarily change their schedule but provide more “refreshing” or “rejuvenating” options for time off. 

For those who participated, thank you! This has helped us solidify our schedule this summer and will hopefully allow our staff to feel rejuvenated and relaxed as they work this summer. We will report back this Fall if this schedule actually worked. 

Best of luck this season Camp Folks! 

Maggie Lewicki

Camp Ton-A-Wandah

Sandi Boyer
Sandi Boyer
Sandi is NCYCA's executive director.