My Favorite Free Technology Hacks

We’re spending a little extra time hiring staff this year and need time savers where we can find them. I also hate spending where I don’t have to.

Here is a quick list of my favorite FREE tech hacks:

  1. Calendly

Not to say this too strongly, but the only people not using Calendly are barbarians or Luddites. If you’re not already using this app then you might be a good person, but this will give you time to be better! Calendy is a meeting scheduling program that allows you to send a link to someone so they can schedule time on your calendar. Imagine never going back and forth to find a time to interview a counselor. You can just say, “Send me a couple times that work for a phone call, or use this link to schedule a time on my calendar.”  You can turn off days or times you don’t want available, and of course it won’t show times that are already booked.

They also have a group meeting function that I like better than Doodle. It will even put a temporary hold on the options you suggest and will then automatically remove them after a meeting time is decided.

Visit Calendly

2. Evernote

I’ve always been a paper calendar/paper task-list guy, but Evernote changed me. It is the only task-list that is easy enough for me to use on my phone and my computer. At the end of each day I start a “note” to use as the next day’s task list. I put my scheduled meetings on the top in red, ongoing tasks that I need to look at every day, things like “look for nurses,” and “follow up with 3 staff prospects” as check boxes in blue, and my tasks for that day as check boxes in black. I also keep separate folders for notes on books or podcasts that I want to remember. Evernote has become my one ring to rule them all.

You will love Calendly after using it for a day. You will love Evernote after using it for a week.

Visit Evernote

3. One Step GPS

Okay, this one isn’t free, and yes, I wrote about these guys in 2019, but dollar for dollar it’s the best ongoing risk management investment we’ve ever made. I know for a fact that our vans are driving the speed limit, every day, all summer, and I sleep great. If someone speeds I get a notice and a GPS location on my phone. The first time we have a conversation. The second time they lose driving privileges for three days.The third time they lose their job. Everyone gets one notice. Almost no one gets two. These guys prove that “inspect what you expect” works!

Pro-tip 1: buy the GPS unit from One Step and turn it off in the fall.

Pro-tip 2: I set our units to only show notices if someone drives eight over, but I don’t tell my drivers. That way if someone gets a notice I know that it needs to be addressed.

Visit One Step GPS

Okay, I shared my best tips. Please email me yours. Maybe send a Calendly link so we can talk on the phone.

Great Camping!

Adam Boyd

Camps Merri-Mac and Timberlake