How Working at Camp Can Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions

How Working at Camp Can Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions 
Annie Ramsbotham

Love them or hate them, it’s that time again when New Year’s resolutions are being made! In 2021, the most popular resolutions across the country include: 

• Exercise more
• Eat healthier
• Spend more time with friends (and make friends!)
• Live more economically
• Spend less time on social media 

January is also that time of year when we start saying “this summer” instead of “next summer,” and staff hiring gets a little more serious. The good news? The summer benefits for many of our camp counselors line up perfectly with the resolutions list above! 

This winter and spring, we’ll be touting the benefits of working at camp as usual, but it helps to market the camp counselor experience in relation to the most popular resolutions for 2021: 

• Potential staff are hoping to exercise more this year – explain how active they’ll get to be from dawn to dusk, playing games, leading activities, and running around with campers!

• Camp meals aren’t made of sloppy joes and canned meats like you might see in the classic movies – share how delicious, nutritious, and fresh your camp food is, and how potential staff will be enjoying 3 balanced meals a day with plenty of healthy options! They get to enjoy the convenience of healthy food choices, without the hassle of shopping, cooking, or doing dishes. 

• After a year of social distancing and quarantining, the biggest draw is sure to be the tight knit community of staff, and the bonds they will make with their campers. Emphasize how making friends is a benefit of the camp experience every summer, but especially so in 2021.

• Potential staff are looking for a job that will help them save money, so don’t hesitate to mention how much they’ll save this summer without paying for housing, gas, or meals! The convenience of living where you work can’t be understated.

• This past year everyone had to spend much more time on screens than usual. Another benefit of a summer at camp is getting to be completely unplugged! Share the excitement of putting down the phone and being fully present this summer. Good luck in both your continued staff hiring endeavors, and in the continued pursuit of your own resolutions. Let’s use the overlap in New Year’s resolutions and summer staff benefits to our favor this hiring season! 

Annie Ramsbotham 
Falling Creek Camp