The experience of Summer Camp for our returning and new families looked different than other summers beginning exactly 28 days before their camper’s session. That’s when we began communicating specifics with parents about our covid procedures.

Like many of you, we leaned very heavy into preparation (PCR testing, Health Monitoring Forms, checklists, etc.) so that, after drop off, camp could bear some resemblance to pre-covid summers. An effective talking point when parents called inquiring about all of the pre-camp protocols often sounded like: “after your son arrives, there are going to be full hours when your camper forgets about COVID.”

In the weeks leading up to the beginning of this communication churn, we were unsure how our families would receive this new format of pre-camp communication.

Turns out, they were really on board.

Here are a few things we learned:

Facts up front – to the point where some of our emails no longer looked like standard business emails.

Over communicate – we tried to assume our families were not thinking about camp nearly as often as any of the members of our team. NOTE: Our communication chart included 5-8 covid specific emails ahead of a session. Because Campminder does not have email scheduling functionality, these had to be saved as canned emails, and sent manually at specific times. Shoutout to the Campminder development team!

Video snippets – for folks who’d rather watch than read. The shorter, the better.

And, perhaps the effort most counter to our muscle memory – leave the feelings and the excitement for the bottom of the communication, or leave it out.

For close to 2 years now it’s felt like, as an industry, we’re often in the space of collaboration. I look forward to continuing on that trajectory. Thanks to the many who lended insights along the way this past summer.

See many of you tomorrow at Camp Cheerio! 

Dan Weatherby

Camp Rockmont