Every Other Monday – Remembering 2020

Remembering 2020

There’s no need to reference what kind of year it has been.

And, with a forthcoming vaccine, a new administration, campers in classrooms dreaming of what their next summer may hold, or bracing for a new semester of continued zoom lessons – let’s review some of what has been birthed in our community through the last 9 months.

As the bustling preparatory months of the upcoming summer rung-in, the ground beneath our feet changed, or disappeared.

In a hazy landscape, camps coordinated with health departments. And, we talked to each other.

As a community, we discussed: opening day procedures, enrollment caps, water-fountains, nursing facilities, cohorts, masks/no-masks, staff time-off, countless activity-site protocols, business disruption insurance, and parent communication.

Many of our tunes began to change as we rolled into the final weeks of April – and preparations continued. Through pivotal talks of postponement, alternative programming, and even cancellation, lane-lines were still run, canoes were placed back in the water, and staff training materials were gathered.

In 2020 we witnessed loss of life, plans, and (periodically) hope. Revenues were substantially affected; unprecedented communications were sent in a constantly refining stream. 

And… 2020 has been the most collaborative and inter-camp communicative and encouraging year in the camping industry to date. 

Heavy decisions had to be made. And we each made them. Tough and clear communication had to be sent out, and we each composed, edited, and sent them. 

Camps pressed on, many with zero known cases, and were a beacon of light for school districts. Others pivoted, developing completely new, healthy programs weeks out from participant arrival.

We each demonstrated the resiliency, confidence, determination, positivity, and spirit we preach each Summer. And we did it, together. 

Daniel Weatherby

Camp Rockmont