NCYCA History

The North Carolina Youth Camp Association was formed in 2009 to expand public understanding of summer camps in North Carolina and to represent their interests with local, state, and federal policymakers.  The association seeks to strengthen and expand the educational, environmental and recreational opportunities provided by North Carolina’s camps. Today, more than 40 members have joined the association.

Mission Statement

The mission of the North Carolina Youth Camp Association is to strengthen and expand the educational, environmental and recreational opportunities provided by all organized camps in North Carolina by encouraging cooperation among camps, sponsoring camp-specific research, communicating camp industry information, and building relationships with various private, non-profit, public, and governmental interests and agencies.

NCYCA is a membership organization of North Carolina summer camps & adventure programs.  It is a 501 (c) (6) non-profit organization, governed by an elected Board of Directors.


Meet the Board of Directors

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NCYCA Core Efforts

NCYCA works to enhance and educate the public’s understanding of North Carolina camps and the value of camping throughout the state and beyond. These objectives are reached through some of the following ways:
Legislative Lobbying
  • Monitor federal, state and local issues, regulations and legislation that may affect the camping industry, campers, or the public's access to quality camping services. Issues include:
    1. Taxation
    2. School calendar regulations
    3. Preservation and access to public lands (e.g., use fees, permits)
    4. Employment regulations (e.g. unemployment, minimum wage, etc.)
    5. Economic development
    6. Health and safety regulations (e.g. water testing, building codes, etc.)
    7. International camper/staff regulations
    8. Insurance requirements (health, liability, workers' compensation)
    • Provide proactive education, advocacy, collaboration and action to represent the interests of the camping industry and its clients
    • Actively lobby local, state and federal governments in support of North Carolina's youth camps
    • Retain and employ a professional lobbyist who builds and maintains ties with elected officials and government employees
Public Relations and Communications
  • Provide an online directory of North Carolina camps
  • Present industry-specific collective data on North Carolina camps
  • Issue press releases announcing NCYCA news items
  • Publish periodic newsletters for NCYCA members
  • Publish white papers illustrating the educational, economic, social, and child development value of the camp experience
  • Maintain a broad membership of camps, camp leaders, business supporters, and individuals from diverse backgrounds and interests
Organization Management and Membership
  • Ensure the organizational health of the NCYCA:
    • Maintain an elected Board of Directors that establishes committees, sets priorities and hires necessary staff
    • Maintain a strong membership base
    • Provide effective financial management
    • Conduct membership development and support services
    • Avoid duplication of services with the American Camp Association and other national associations
Professional Development and Ethics
  • Encourage meetings, informational sessions and training workshops
  • Promote training opportunities for North Carolina camp staff members
  • Formulate and adopt a professional code of ethics for NCYCA members
  • Facilitate an atmosphere of professional support and resources for NCYCA membership
  • Establish and maintain a crisis support network among North Carolina member directors
Camp Industry Marekting and Promotion (Implemented Starting 2011)
  • Promote all North Carolina camps collectively through efforts to:
    • Design, publish and distribute a written directory to camps in North Carolina
    • Design, publish and distribute other materials promoting the benefits of camping (school posters, event sponsorships, etc.)